Guiding you to fast and cost-effective resolution to your Civil, Commercial and Employee related disputes and all without the stress of going to court

With ever increasing pressure on the UK Court system, leading to longer and longer waiting times, more and more individuals and businesses are choosing to use professional mediation services to quickly settle their disputes.

Discover the benefits of using Crunch Mediation, where we provide a professionally qualified mediator, who is dedicated to promoting harmony and fairness in every dispute.

Crunch MediationSignificantly more cost and time effective than using the UK Court system

Crunch MediationNone confrontational

Crunch MediationDisputes fully resolved within a working day

Crunch MediationMediation undertaken at a time, date and location that suits you

Crunch MediationOnline / Remote mediation sessions available


“Having never opted to use mediation before, I was somewhat sceptical at first, but having seen the cost savings and the speed at which a professional mediator can resolve disputes to both parties satisfaction, I can safely say meditation will now always be my first choice for dispute resolution.”  High Street Shopping Chain

“Having waited over 6 months for a Court date, my business decided to use the services of a professional meditator. The case was complex, but our mediator guided us through the steps calmly, professionally and efficiently to a settlement we were very happy with.”  Car Dealership

“Having received a quote of just under £10,000 from our usual solicitors firm, we decided to go down the route of meditation in an attempt to resolve our dispute at a fraction of the cost and it worked!  Not only did we save money and time, but were able to successfully continue our business to business relationship afterwards!”  Large Engineering Firm

“As a business owner, having staff disputes that lead to HR involvement is inevitable at times but as a small business owner, these disputes are a distraction and cost us time and money. We have now used the services of a professional mediator several times, to quickly and cost effectively resolve these disputes without the need for them to progress to Court.”  Small SME Providing Agency Staff to the Catering Industry