Embrace the advantages of remote mediation, where cost-effective
and efficient collaboration is just a virtual connection away.

Engaging in Remote Collaboration:

Explore the convenience of remote mediation through video and/or telephone.

Video-Conferenced Mediation:

Video conferencing provides a dynamic alternative to traditional face-to-face mediation. Our online mediation platform replicates the structure of physical meetings, offering three distinct virtual spaces:

  1. A private room designated for the claimant team.
  2. A private room allocated for the defendant team.
  3. A dedicated room for the mediator.

The mediator maintains control over room assignments, ensuring a seamless and organised process.

Upon entering the virtual meeting, participants are automatically placed in their respective private rooms, including anyone accompanying them to the mediation.

When ready, participants can invite the mediator to join for a confidential discussion in their private room. Simultaneously, the mediator can engage in private discussions with the other party, allowing for efficient and parallel communication.

With mutual consent, the mediator can organise joint discussions in the mediator’s room, facilitating various interactions, such as:

  • A welcome meeting at the mediation’s onset.
  • Exclusive discussions involving lawyers.
  • Sessions for delivering apologies or explanations.
  • A concluding meeting to wrap up proceedings.


  • Elimination of venue expenses.
  • Elimination of travel time and associated expenses.
  • Convenient and straightforward arrangement.